Monday, 19 December 2016

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Senate Corruption Allegation Against Magu Might Backfire - Expert

Experts have predicted that the standoff between the Senate and the acting EFCC Chairman might spell doom for President Buhari

Bush House Nigeria on Monday described the face-off between
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, and the Senate as a “fall-out of an inner circle power-play”.

The President of the media firm, Mr. Michael Bush, said, “This action by the Senate can backfire on the administration, if it falls through.
“So, let those trying to cut the nose to spite the face be careful.
“And let Mr Magu himself also play survivalist politics, which is what anyone who is a member of an inner caucus must do.”
However, the media practitioner noted the vibrancy provided by the Senate leadership of Bukola Saraki in the absence of a pragmatic opposition.

He said, “Since in-house distractions have not allowed the Peoples Democratic Party to offer that all-important inter-party checks and balances against APC, it’s heart-warming to see the Senate rise to the occasion, despite its intra-party position.”
Bush said that if at the end, Magu and indeed the Secretary to Government of the Federation gathering storms discharge no downpour Nigerians would be the better for it.

He noted that with the manner politics was being played in Nigeria, one would second-guess by the Senate’s skillful handling of Magu’s screening, that the man should stage a comeback.

He said, “I would be shocked if at the end of the day, he is not a substantive chairman.”
The Senate rejected the confirmation of Magu as substantive chairman of the EFCC due to “security report’’.


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