Saturday, 20 May 2017

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#WorldWhiskeyDay: 8 cool reasons why you should drink whiskey

There are loads of cool reasons why a bottle of whiskey might be the best investment you would make today.

Today, May 20, 2017 is celebrated as World Whiskey Day, and in the spirit of that, here are eight cool reasons why you should enjoy a bottle of whiskey every now and then.

1. You can still enjoy your whiskey while on a diet

In fact, whiskey goes really well with a diet, as one shot of it has zero fat and 0.4 carbs, which means you can still enjoy the taste of your favourite drink while dieting, without having to worry about gaining extra flesh.

2. The word ‘whiskey’ means ‘water of life’

I mean, what could be cooler than knowing you’re chugging down the ‘water of life’?

 3. It may lower the risk of heart diseases

4. Whiskey bottles are great for decor

A 1998 study, led by the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, found that whiskey contains antioxidants which help boost the body’s defense against heart diseases.

Imagine a bar full of whiskey bottles. A sight to behold!

5. Some of the most talented people in the world love whiskey

Lady Gaga, Hillary Clinton, Michael Jordan, Mark Twain
and Winston Churchill are some of the thousands of famous names who’re know to enjoy (have enjoyed) a glass of whiskey often.

6. You don’t need to mix it with anything to actually enjoy it

Unlike other alcoholic drinks which are almost impossible to drink alone, whiskey is actually best taken neat, which means you don’t have to worry about having a soda around when you really just want to enjoy some good ol’ whiskey.

7. Not even the chilliest weather can freeze it

Yep. Whiskey can survive the most freezing temperature for years and years, and remain the exact same way.

8. A bottle of whiskey just might be the best investment you would ever make





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