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Man Wakes Up From Coma Just Hours Before This Happened

Man Wakes Up From Coma Just Hours Before This Happened
A man who fell sick and went into a coma, has emerged from unconsciousness just hours before his life-support machine was due to be switched off.

Martin Jervis, a 61-year-old man has been dubbed “Miracle Mart” after waking up just hours before his life support was due to be turned off.
According to a report by The Sun UK, the man collapsed at home, with doctors discovering a blood clot in his brain and rushing him in for emergency five hour surgery – telling his family there was little hope of recovery.

His wife Barbara, 63, was prepared for the worst over the next two weeks but agreed to one more CT scan before the plug was pulled.
But just four hours before the scan at Royal Stoke University Hospital, Martin woke up and smiled at a nurse, squeezing her hand.
Reliving the moment she found Martin collapsed at their Bignall End, Staffordshire, home on August 10, wife Barbara said: “I had been out and came back home to find bits and pieces broken, there was blood on the floor, and he was lying there still.
“He must have cut his arm trying to get up because that was bleeding. I tried to wake him but had no response so called for the paramedics.”
Martin underwent a series of X-rays and scans, with doctors still baffled as to what caused him to collapse.
Barbara said: “There was talk of turning off his life support, but the doctors wanted to get him another scan and then switch it off and then he woke up. It was a complete shock because we were going to say goodbye the same day.”
Nephew Deane Jervis added: “His surgeon couldn’t believe it, never had he seen a patient wake from such horrific brain injuries.
“Now Martin is slowly making progress although still having help from the ventilator.
“Nobody knows what the future holds for him, all we know as a family is that we have my Uncle Martin back.”
The family is now raising funds through JustGiving to help Martin with his recovery.

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