Wednesday, 4 October 2017

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Biafra: Igbos beware of wolves – Sam Nkire

Biafra: Igbos beware of wolves – Sam Nkire
A senior member of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief Sam Nkire, has advised his fellow Igbos not allow so-called sympathisers incite them into taking up arms to fight against marginalization or in defence of Biafra.

Chief Nkire while reacting to some comments by some prominent Nigerians who he claimed were pretending to love Igbos more than Igbos love themselves said, “Igbos don’t need outsiders to tell them before they know they are being cheated in Nigeria”.
He said it was strange to read, hear or see people from smaller, poorer and less privileged tribes, who hitherto envied Igbos, shedding crocodile tears for the Igbo race because Igbos were being, “marginalized, cheated and treated as second-class citizens”.
The APC chieftain warned those he described as wolves in sheep’s clothing to credit Igbos with some bit of intelligence to at least “know when the enemy wants to turn Igboland into a battlefield”.

He added that some of those who claimed to be friends of Igbo people were jealous of them and actually wanted them and their economy destroyed again in another civil war.
Chief Nkire said, “Igbos did not need to destroy their livelihood every fifty years, only to build it up; and destroy it yet again, only to start all over again”.
According to him, there was an unwritten agreement across the political landscape that Igbos would produce a president of Nigeria after the turn of the north. This he said Igbos must cash in on, to reduce tension and the reality of marginalization.
He advised all those who think that Biafra could be achieved easily and without bloodshed to bury the thought, adding that “anyone who wishes to secede from any part of Nigeria must factor in the possibility of playing with his or her own blood”.
Chief Nkire told his kinsmen to continue to apply wisdom and show restraint in their dealings with strangers, hosts and neighbours anywhere they find themselves as according to him, “no condition is permanent in every endeavour, including politics.”


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