Saturday, 25 November 2017

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Ex-presidential aspirant Sam Nda-Isaiah warns against resurrecting Biafra

Former Presidential Aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Publisher of Leadership Newspapers, Mr Sam Nda-Isaiah, declared on Saturday that Biafra represents war, blood, and death; warning that the ogre of Biafra should not be allowed to resurrect.

Speaking at the National Youth Leadership Conference organised by the Nigeria Solution Group in Abuja, Nda-Isaiah, stated that if someone resurrects the ogre of Biafra, it would be going beyond the pale.
The publisher, who was speaking on “Nigeria’s Unity and Development,” regretted that since independence not much have been made since independence.
Nda-Isaiah said: “The greater wonder is that we have been speaking on this one thing since independence and not much progress appears to have been made. We even fought a bitter civil war to show for it at the very high cost of nearly two million souls.
“One would have thought that by now our unity should be a given. Unfortunately, it is still a subject of very bitter and sometimes, unreasonable debate.
“We can quarrels as siblings of the same family from time to time, that would be okay. That happens everywhere even in the nuclear family. That would not mean we are not united. But if someone resurrects the ogre of Biafra, then that would be going beyond the pale.

“The name Biafra represents war, blood, and death. It also represents the carrying of arms against the Federal Republic of Nigeria and if anyone thinks he can bring Biafra up again after it had been defeated without consequences, then he or she must think Nigeria is a jungle.”
Liking Biafra to Hitler’s Nazi in Germany, he warned that anyone who stands up today in Germany to resurrect it, would not survive it.
Biafra nation, according to him belongs only to our museum and should be consigned to the saddest part of our history.
He said: “The Biafra war has been fought and won. Even Odumegwu Ojukwu himself, the originator of Biafra, came back from exile and was pardoned and even contested to be President of Nigeria. Small minded people should not be allowed to take us back to war and bloodshed simply because they are getting money from it.”
President of Nigeria Solution Group, Ekpa Stanley Ekpa, said the group intended to mobilize the youths from various organization to engage in active participation in politics.
He pointed out that the challenge of youth participation in Nigeria politics is age limitation and the issue of politics, regretting however that many of the youths go into politics because of money.


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