Friday, 22 December 2017

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The GT Bank has crumbled by the Igbos' massive withdrawal of their money from the Bank.
The age long adage of "what goes around comes around" came into play nationwide in all branches of GT Bank, especially here in Lagos

The stooge MD, CEO of GTB #Segun_Agbaje is paying the prize of the sins of Late #Obbafemi_Awolowo against the Igbos immediately after the civil war.
It will be recalled that #Obafemi_Awolowo as the Federal Commissioner for Finance under the instruction of #Gowon seized all monies belonging to the Igbos immediately after the Zoo/BIAFRAN civil war, thinking that the Igbos will go down.

#Segun_Agbaje under the instruction of Buhari has again tried to replicate what #Awolowo did
Now #Agbaje is on his knees begging the IGBOS not to liquidate his bank by their massive withdrawal of their money due to injustice meted again Innoson Motors
When will the Yorubas learn their lesson from the Hausa_Fulanis?
This is also a big lesson to all Efulefu Igbos who jettison their own people and dine with their enemies instead.
Without Biafrans the liquidation of GTBank in just two days wouldn't have been possible
ECONOMIC POWER, this is one potent weapon the Biafrans possess which they have not been using effectively in this war against the Zoo
We call the shots, we make things happen in this Zoo, we're BIAFRANS!!!
IPOB will not rest until every branch of GT Bank in Biafraland is sold off or shut down for good.

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