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Donald Trump Is God Sent – Prophet Kumoluyi

General Overseer of The Word Bible Church, worldwide, Prophet Juluis Babatinde Kumoluyi, has described the Biblical significance of President Donald Trump’s desire to make Jerusalem the capital of Isreal, as a signal of end time, saying:

“For me, I can tell you categorically that it is God that brought Donald Trump in as U.S President in order to fulfil His promises. Trump is just like Jesus Christ, the Messiah who came to redeem us from our iniquities. What is happening about Trump and Jerusalem is even Biblical and it is in fulfilment of God’s promises. It is an indication that anytime from now, the trumpet may sound and that we must be ready and be at alert. The end is very near. ”
The cleric, who is a Prophet with track records of many of his predictions coming to pass, one of which was his predictions about President Muhammadu Buhari’s illness before the President fell ill and was flown to London, gave the remarks during the 25th anniversary of his church at the headquarters in Ajelogo area of Ketu, in Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos.
Oba Fasiku Adewunmi Ajibade, Elekole of Ikole-Ekiti, and paramount ruler of Egbe Oba kingdom, in Ikole Local Government Area of Ekiti State, who graced the ocassion with many other dignitaries, said: “I feel happy and great because it is a thing of joy for me. We were together and living close to each other in Lagos when he started this ministry 25 years ago. ”
“I appreciate the mercy of God for his life and also appreciate how God has used him for me in certain major achievements in my life through his prayers. I also appreciate his wife, Prophetess Kumoluyi for supporting her husband and ensuring that she fill the gap whenever Prophet Kumoluyi is away doing God’s work. He has receive the grace and mercy of God and he must remain in God truly and continue to preach true words of God.”

Bamidele Ayanlowo, a medical doctor and General Overseer of Divine Life Ministries, (aka Holy Ghost Assembly) Shagamu, Ogun State, preached a sermon entitled: “Recipe for long life and work of God” at the event, said he was drawn to Pastor Kumoluyi because he watched him preached God’s undiluted words in a television broadcast.
Speaking about the topic of his sermon, he said, “There is this widely held view and fear about death. That nobody knows the day of his death and that anyone could die anytime. But that is an uncertainty that we children of God should not accept. From the word of God, we don’t see that happening with those who walked with God. God has a covenant with His people which He wants to respect and keep, He doesn’t just want them to die suddenly. He wants to communicate with us and you would. Find out that for those who have been walking with God, He gives them premonition and even instructions, and opportunity for them to prepare before he time comes.”
Ayanlowo listed the recipe for long life as, walking closely with God, repentance from dead works, especially sexual sins, reading and applying God’s words to everyday life, using our tongues rightly, choosing what to eat right, rejoicing in the Lord no matter the situation, not allowing the difficulties of life to weigh you down and relating well with all people, loving everyone and respecting men of God and obeying rules of practical healthy living among other.
Oba Olagbade Ojo, Elemuje of Emuje kingdom in Ifedore local government area of Ondo State, who said he could pass for a kinsman of Prophet Kumoluyi said: “My place is just three kilometres from Pastor Kumoluyi’s place and that makes us kinsmen. He is a true prophet and he stunned me with all his prophecies for me which came to pass. I urge all members of the church to always listen to the man of God.”
Congratulating her husband on the 25th anniversary, Mrs. Funmi Kumoluyi, said: “I feel happy and grateful to God on a day like this. It is God’s doing. God is faithful in promises. It is not easy but God has been seeing us through so we give him all the glory.
” We have witnessed many challenges but because we have Jesus Christ. We know that in this world, we will face many challenges but all these that we encounter in this. Journey are making us stronger.I rejoice with my husband, he should continue to be prayerful, thankful and faithful obedient to God. In spite of the challenges, he should look up to Jesus Christ who is the author and finisher of our faith, ” she said.
Commenting on the journey of 25 years as a man of God, Kumoluyi said:
“It gladdens my heart to witness this milestone. 25 years in the ministry is not a joke. It is not very easy but God in His infinite mercy has made it easy for me. I have seen so many storms and challenges here and there but I was able to triumph, may be it was because of my commitment, I don’t know but this is what we call mercy of God, favour of God because there are many people who are holier than me and can work assiduously in God’s vineyard more than me. But we thank God that I am alive today to witness this glorious occasion. So, to me it is mercy and grace of God.

” There was a time people were leaving the church, and they were people I never thought could think of leaving. I almost got discouraged but when I asked God, he said He was the one sanitizing the church. Those who left then were very close to me and they were people I relied on to take over the ministry should I be called home any time. But glory be to God, in no time he replaced everyone who left with even more people.
“There are people in the church today who would decide to leave the church if you do not give them a strategic post they want. I allow those to go and continue to pray for them so that God’s wrath won’t be on them. There are agents of darkness in church but you may not know after a long while unless the Lord shows you, he said.
Recalling the challenges he had faced, he said: “I had many horrible experiences that almost made me to quit but what has kept me going are two, that this was a true call from God and also that since I heed His call, I have never consulted lesser God for any power. I often stand on these two facts to relate with God in difficult times.
“So, I enjoy challenges when they come, particularly criticism, to me when a man of God is criticised, you become better as you would know areas where you are failing and quickly make amends.”
On his achievement as leader of the church, he said: “God has given us great achievements, an example if the magnificent building you are seeing. God has also given us. Branches across the country and in some parts of the world. Recently I was in London to minister at a Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) branch in Coventry city, when God used some brethren over there decided to start a another branch of this church in Manchester , they were about 20 in number and I tell you till now, they are expanding and marching forward. We have over twelve branches across the world and our membership is well over 10, 000.”
About the fight against corruption in Nigeria, Kumoluyi gave a shocker: “Corruption is in every Nigeria’s blood. Only way to stop corruption in a drastic way is to enact a draconian Law. Once you are found guilt of any corruption, you get killed!.
“This has happened in China and has made many to desist from committing corruption. Also, in, if you steal government money or are found guilty of corruption, in Indonesia, they simply kill the person. That way, we can get rid of corruption. The damaging thing is that those who are parading themselves as honourable citizens are among the most corrupt and that is why they can’t fight corruption. I laud the efforts of President Buhari because he has been able to tackle the menace far more frontally than his predecessors, ” he said.


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