Monday, 1 January 2018

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IS Enugu State In The Hands Of God Or In The Hands Of A Beast -Harry Ugwuanyi

History has shown that every malevolent or tyrannical leader would Succulently code his government in a way to reflect the psychic of the people. This is more prevalent in a society where religion holds sway. A society where people have given up thought.
A society where people hardly venture into critical reasoning and inquiry about what actually constitute real development. 'Enugu State is in the hands of God' is a succulent code gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi gave his government to create an impression that he rules with the wisdom and direction of the God. Yes, every sinner, every tyrant and even devils call the name of God. If God should count on those things done behind the flimsy facade of his name in a broad daylight, I'm sure he would visit these devils and tyrants with everlasting destruction and calamity. But our God is a merciful God.

The things gov. Ugwuanyi and president Buhari, his co- traveler in the train of confusion and cluelessness, are doing disclaim their oath of office. A government that fails to give adequate security to life and properties of the people he governs is not only a failure but a huge disaster. The question as to what actually constitute real development should be answered by pointing to the level of security and safety in a state. This is the fundamental development that every sensible and civilized government should give a high priority. Development is not just about building roads, bridges, houses or what we usually refer to as infrastructure or social services. Though, these are very necessary but then, there are pro-social livelihoods such as peace and good life which are very fundamental attributes of meaningful existence. One may be tempted to believe that gov. Ugwuanyi has achieved stride in the area of infrastructure and social services but very unfortunately, he ranks second to the last after gov. Ikpeazu of Abia state. 

The Enugu guy man sits in his throne while Fulani herdsmen slaughter ndi Enugu on daily basis. His usual security policy is to cry, command for fasting and prayers, and then jet off to prostrate before his co failure and disaster in Abuja, then share wine and food with him and finally invite Sultan of Sokoto for political negotiations and bargains. Despite the Nimbo incident where over 600 people died in the hands of Fulani terrorists, there have been cases (both reported and unreported) of killing of our people, raping our women, kidnapping and other heinous crimes by this Fulani Janjaweed while our guy man in the Lion Building folds his hands, refusing to speak or act like Fayose of Ekiti state simply because he doesn't want to offend his president and northern leaders especially Sultan of Sokoto. Imagine a 21st century governor trading the life and property of the people he should protect for friendship and power. 

What did he say or do when an evangelist was kidnapped and killed by Fulani herdsmen in Nkanu, what was his action when a woman was raped to death by this same Janjaweed in Agwu, what was his reaction when this terrorists invaded and attack farmers in their farms, killing them and destroying their farm land, what did he say when a renowned surgeon Dr. Uzo was kidnapped by Fulani Janjaweed and forced him to eat garri prepared from their pee. What is he doing as Fulani herdsmen have infiltrated our lands, killing us, raping our women, kidnapping our prominent men and women, and forcing us into Islam.

In 'Things Fall Apart' by late Prof. Chinua Achebe, the gods visited Okonkwo with calamity simply because he sponsored and executed the killing of Ikemefunna whom he ought to protect. When a man fails to protect or sponsor the killing of those he took an oath to protect, calamity, posterity, history and destiny must judge such man. 

The sad news is that our people don't ask serious questions about what actually constitute real development. They mistake cosmetic projects and frivolities with development. More sadly, the 'Clan Base Thinking' which is prevalent in all shores of Nigeria has become a termite eating the very foundation of our human existence. The believe and attitude of suffering and dying so long as the person from my region occupies the seat is an aberration to human reasoning. Ethnicity is a big barrier hindering our progress, growth and development, and Enugu State is not left out of it. Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is a product of persistent cry of marginalization by ndi Enugu North. The Enugu North people keep complaining that they have been relegated to the background and that they are being marginalized. Today I can confidently ask both the people of Enugu North and the entire ndi Enugu: How Market? It is now clear to me what Donald Trump meant when he said that Africans are good at dancing, making love and complaining senselessly. Now the complaint has yield a product and thats Gburugburu.

 Anyone who believes that Enugu State is in the hands of God or that Gburugburu is working is certainly trapped in cloud cuckoo land. It is better to swallow bitter truth than to eat delicious poison. Enugu State is in the hands of a beast. 

Harry Ugwuanyi is a Thinker, a Human and People's Rights Advocate, Legal Analyst, Chartered Manager and one time chairmanship candidate in Nsukka L. G. A. of Enugu State.


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