Shoprite speaks out against Xenophobia

Shoprite Nigeria strongly condemns any kind of xenophobic violence and
intimidation against the citizens of other countries, anywhere in the

The retailer is highly concerned at the acts of
violence against foreign
nationals that sporadically flare up in South Africa and the resultant
rhetoric of intolerance that is now being levelled against South
Africans living in Nigeria.

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As a
company with deep African roots who employs thousands of African
nationals and most importantly works to bring low prices to 14 countries
outside of South Africa, we would like to see an end to xenophobia
across the continent. 

Shoprite appeals to the general public of South Africa and Nigeria to
protect the human dignity and safety of all people living in both

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We remain committed to work with industry and the appropriate consumer
groups to engage so that decisive action is taken against those involved
in violent crimes and intimidation against foreign nationals as well as
to convey our strong position against xenophobia.

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