Late Dutch fertility doctor fathered 19 children

 Late Dutch fertility doctor fathered 19 children

A Dutch fertility doctor fertilised the eggs of dozens of women
patients with his own sperm and fathered no fewer than 19 children, a
paternity institute has said on Wednesday.

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“There has been a DNA match,’’ the “Fiom” Institute added in a statement.
The institute added that Jan Karbaat, who died in April, had his own IVF clinic from 1980 to 2009.
However, mothers and their children had suspicions that the doctor
had used his own sperm and he himself said in interviews that he had
conceived 60 children.

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The institute was asked by 23 people to carry out paternity tests.
They had to compare DNA with one of his officially recognised
children after Karbaat refused a DNA test when he was alive and his
widow rejected requests to test items such as his toothbrush and shaver.

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According to the institute, the test using one of his officially recognised children has resulted in 19 matches.
A report says a court will decides on June 2 whether his widow has to
give up the toothbrush and shaver for further analysis. (dpa/NAN)

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