5 Secrets For Getting Your Dubai Visa Approved

5 Secrets For Getting Your Dubai Visa Approved

Dubai is the new Paris or London for Nigerians. They travel to the city
for tourism, honeymoon, destination weddings, shopping, business, events
and other fun activities. This is because of the flexibility of getting
a Dubai visa. Despite this, so many people are still being denied a
Dubai visa.
Well, if you want to get your Dubai visa approved, Jumia
Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares some of the secrets of
making this possible.

Inclusion of skilled profession(s) in the application form

to include a skilled profession in your visa application form to
increase the likelihood of your visa being granted. In the absence of a
skilled profession, your experience in certain career paths might
suffice. The embassy, however, will be the judge of what profession is
acceptable to merit a visa.

Consent letter for single or married women below 24 years

is an Islamic country, no doubt. Consequently, women – either married
or single – are not permitted – by religion – to travel solo. This
Islamic rule doesn’t place this restriction on women 24 years &
above. To aid your chances of getting a visa if you are a woman below
age 24 and plan to travel solo, you need to submit a letter from your
spouse or family member – indicating that express approval has been
given you to travel solo – along with your visa application. The letter
of approval would act as a cover.

No records of past criminal or fraudulent activities

is one of the strict countries that will not allow people with criminal
or fraudulent backgrounds to be admitted into the country. You will be
blacklisted immediately. So, when you eventually get a visa to Dubai,
endeavour not to engage in criminal activities so as not to forestall
your future chances of getting a visa.

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Always cancel your resident visa

you were a holder of Dubai resident visa but left the country without
cancelling it, you would not be able to apply for a new visa. In this
case, you have to ensure that your old resident visa is cancelled before
you apply for a new one.

Marriage counts…as long as there are wedding pictures[b][/b]

is one of the preferred honeymoon destinations for many Nigerians.
Therefore, if you choose to honeymoon in Dubai, there are some documents
you would be required to submit to obtain a visa. These are a wedding
picture (of you and your spouse), marriage certificate and no objection
certificate from your parents. If these are not submitted, your visa may
get rejected.

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