Tears! 31-year-old Man Trying to Separate a Fight Beaten to Death in Ogun State (Photo)

A 31-year-old man, Yinka Adewoyin, has been beaten to death while
trying to make peace between two men during a scuffle.  The Nation
reported that the sad incident took place penultimate Thursday at
sunrise in the Agosi area of Ifo in Ogun state.

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The report stated that Adewoyin was returning from a beer joint
with some of his friends when they sighted two men identified as Kazeem
aka Down gear and Mopo brutalising an elderly mechanic called Mukaila
Kazeem was said to have reprimanded Lasisi for working on a truck
parked along the road. He was said to have ordered the removal of the
truck from the road, a request Lasisi turned down on the grounds that he
was not the owner of the vehicle.
Lasisi’s response allegedly irked Kazeem, who in a fit of fury
pounced on Lasisi and beat him up. It was at this junction that
Adewoyin, who was passing by intervened and pleaded with Kazeem and his
friend, Mopo to leave Lasisi alone.
The duo however queried Adewoyin’s audacity to intervene and beat
him mercilessly till he fell down, hit his head on the ground and passed
into a coma. His assailants allegedly bolted while Adewoyin was taken
to a nearby private hospital by bystanders.

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He was said to have died at the undisclosed hospital three days after he was admitted.
An eyewitness who asked not to be named, said: ‘’It was an
unfortunate incident. I was the one who reported the incident at the
nearest police station. I later led some policemen to Kazeem’s shop in
order to arrest him, but he was nowhere to be found. When we called his
mobile telephone number, he said he has travelled to Kaduna. When he was
asked to report to the station because of the man he beat to death, he
cut off the conversation and hung up.”
The deceased was described by one of his former trainees, Tosin, as
humble and respectful. He said: “Throughout my stay with him as
apprentice, he did not fight with anyone. I was therefore shocked when I
was told on the telephone that he was killed during a scuffle.”
Police spokesman, Abimbola Oyeyemi was not reachable on his mobile telephone line at press time.

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