Thursday, 25 January 2018

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Breaking news-Policeman, farmer killed in latest ‘herdsmen’ attack in Benue

Suspected herdsmen have reportedly killed a policemen and a farmer in Guma local government area of Benue state.

Samuel Ortom, the state governor, confirmed the incident when he received Rabiu Kwankwaso, ex-governor of Kano state.
The incident was said to have occurred between Wednesday and early hours of Thursday.
Guma and Logo areas of the state were attacked by herdsmen on January 1, leading to the loss of at least 80 lives.
“As am talking to you now two persons including a policeman have been killed in my local government, (Guma),” Ortom said.
“A farmer was slaughtered and burnt down, many others are still missing, the injured ones have been brought into hospital in Makurdi.”
Ortom said he would continue to voice out on the continued attacks by herders until justice is served.

He regretted that the attacks were coming when farmers were harvesting their crops.
“People who are saying that I am talking too much should give me justice and I will keep quiet,” he said.
“These people are not just grazing but are coming to take over our land. And they want me to keep quiet. How can I keep quiet?
“As long as there is no justice, I will continue to shout, talk and sing. Benue remains the food basket of the nation. This is happening at a time the farmers are harvesting their crops. We look forward that the resolution of the Senate would be implemented. These people are not just grazing but are coming to take over our land.”
Clashes between herders and farmers have persisted in the state for over eight years, and have been on the increase since the state government passed the anti-grazing law into bill in May.


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