Thursday, 8 February 2018

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Fulani Men Machetes 2 Men Who Went To Bath In A Stream In Nasarawa

According to report by Nathaniel, The Fulani Herdsmen machetes this man and his wife in the steam when they went to the stream to took their bath.
The statement read :  


This afternoon, I sat at the entrance of the A&E Ward of the Benue State University Teaching hospital. Then a bus drove in with  Aondofa Ufa'ave (in the picture here with his mother and other relations) from Imon, Adudu in Obi Local Government of Nasarawa state. He was  brought in, writhing in pains. His crime? He's Tiv and the Fulani won't allow him bath in a stream where he and his friend had gone to take a bath. The duo were macheted and left to bleed to death. His treatment was being compromised at a local clinic so had to be rushed to the BSUTH. This is what the Inspector General of Police says it's Communal clashes'


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