Sunday, 18 March 2018

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The People Democratic Party (PDP) no doubt is the first political victorious party after the reign of the military juntas and the party has done amazingly well as evidenced in the developmental strides of its leaders across the country which still remain unmatchable by APC led government and even by any other party that may come to power in the future time.
 A telling feature of PDP as a party is that it is made up of men of high moral standing whose utmost concern and focus is a complete positive rebirth and redemption of our dear country from near annihilation state of existence the APC led government has dragged her into.
The redemption project come 2019 will be more smooth and successful when TWO GOOD HEADS LIKE BOLA TINUBU AND ATIKU ABUBAKAR combine their sound brain to put up an action plan toward the total liberation of our dear country and her citizens from the present woe which APC has made of her.
A careful study of the personality and achievements of both ATIKU ABUBAKAR and BOLA TINUBU for the country so far reveals the two political gladiators as men whose personal and political aspiration has been not only to liberate the country from the current political,social,moral and economic mess but also to elevate her to the level where she can nicely compete with other developed countries of the world.
Tinubu,the Asiwaju of Lagos who doubles as the Jagaban of the Borgu kingdom is a visionary and a broadminded leader in equal proportion with Atiku Abubakar.Tinubu as a person who believe so much in the freedom of every individual's opinion has associated himself with anything under the name democracy(from Alliance for Democracy under the platform he became a senator in 1993 to a founding member of National Democratic Coalition and then to Social Democratic Party under which platform he became the then governor of Lagos state) and in each case, he has performed exceedingly well as evidenced in his myriad of achievements as the then governor of Lagos state which still serve as infrastructural podium on which the politicians after him stands to make a head on.
The above character of Asiwaju Tinubu matches that of Atiku Abubakar who on his part has served this country in different capacities:Deputy Director of Nigeria customs service-the second highest position in the service then, Governor of Adamawa, the vice president of the country from 1999-2007 just to mention but a few.
The duo-Tinubu and Atiku believe in humanity much more than religion and that's why no sane man can classify any of them as a religious bigot. They have worked and still working and yet ever ready to work assiduously with any religious faith to fix the problem of our country because they believe _that just as rain that drops in different parts of the world flows in different tributaries and empties into the same ocean,different religious of the world not minding the differences in doctrines and creeds aims at professing the existence of one "supreme Being"_
However, it is worrisome that Identifying with the APC, the vision, light,passion and good plans Tinubu have for the good people of Nigeria has eroded because he has been relegated to the background by the likes of Buhari and other cabals in the APC who suffer from mental poverty and religio-ethnic bigotry which cannot allow them to see the light in the person of Tinubu.Without fear of contradiction, the action of the APC toward Tinubu is rebarbative and as concerned citizen,i wish to reawake the giant in Tinubu through this piece of writing to realize that a man of and/or with his brain shouldn't for any reason be silenced and utterly undermined in the decision making process of our national lives.
This piece is therefore a wake up call for Tinubu to know that Nigerians are in dear need of a man with his brain to join forces with Atiku-another political guru of his caliber to redeem our country from the current political mess of APC led government come 2019.It is the awareness of the obvious fact that APC as a political party is a gang of _FIREFIGHTERS_ rather than _FIRELIGHTERS_ that made Atiku to reunite with the visionary men of like minds in _the PDP to change the negative change of Buhari and the APC and take our great country to the next positive social, political, economic and moral level that every citizen will be proud of._Nigerians also enjoin you to do same and redeem this country from the eventual extinction that stare us at the face under Buhari and the APC.
My Name is Chinedu Eya and I am only saying that Asiwaju Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar should Team up and herald a political salvation.
APC has plunged Nigeria into hell but your good heads can bring our salvation.


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