APGA governorship candidate, Dr. Bede Chukwuekezie has surely proven that “love non loving itself none other can” by showing his people that he is fit and capable to take up the herculean task of taking over the state from Ugwuanyi in 2019

While his panegyric records on educational impacts can’t be disputed in Oji River where he employed some teachers to be teaching the younger ones in some government owned secondary schools rejected by the government.

Bede also championed the ongoing renovations of the government owned secondary schools dilapidated in his town which is estimated to cost over N30 Million naira.

Few days ago, there was a laucheon for the building of a modern hospital in one community in Oji River which Bede Chukwuekezie and other dignitaries like Hon. Toby Okechukwu representing Awgu/Oji River but represented by his delegates were all invited.

It was to the amazement of the people who gathered when Bede closed the case with a gift of world class medical facilities including foreign artificial legs for free to those whose legs were amputated including other medical items totalling above N5.2 Million naira.

This was after Hon. Toby Okechukwu presented a cheque of N500, 000 through his delegate who immediately left the scene due to the peoples bewilderment and ecomiums on Bede for his generosity despite all he has been secretly doing and donating to people even religious houses.

The Paean was so much that the people were looking at each other saying that if Bede can give people this much from his hard earned wealth despite the huge economic downturn in the country even more than some politicians who are amassing wealths without doing anything, that means he will do more.

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With such commendations, They pledged their supports and votes to Bede to make Enugu great again.
This blessings from God through Bede will get to entire Enugu state maka Oganiru onye obula.

We will support Bede
We will vote for Bede.
To make our state great again.

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